Akash Saxena

CDN Essentials - Episode 2

In Episode 2, CDN Evolution: Harnessing Edge Computing and Emerging Tech we dive deep into the advancements in Content Delivery Networks.

CDN Essentials - Episode 1

In Episode 1, we kick off with "Stream Essentials: Inside Compression, Formats, and Bit Rate Ladder," where we uncover the secrets behind seamless streaming.

Observability At Scale

When you cross "cricket scale" and have more than 30Mn customers watching cricket on your platform - observability plays a very key role in ensuring that you have eyes on what&

Recommendations - Watch Discounting

Learn about watch discounting. This capability ensures that if a user watched a certain amount of a show/movie, the platform no longer recommends that particular content to the user.

SRE Playbook - Practical Guide

You might not know it now, but you will need to work on your observability. Any team that wants to stop fire fighting and start focusing on delivering customer value will need to cross this bridge. Its not just for "cool" process nerds. Stop being a nanny to you platform.